Oriental College Drama Club was formed in the year 2015 with a member of more 24 students. The main feature of drama club is to enhance the students to train themselves in boldness, exposing their talents , to adapt Learning from Doing and to exercise their ability. Members of the club is interchangeable with the students passing out and new students joining the club. Drama club involves in performing arts, acting, musical play etc. performing dramas can be from different scripts including drama from the syllabus, drama from any folktale, drama from writers i.e. the students who writes drama and thus perform it in theatrical play or stage play.

The club also encourages the students itself to write original play and develop their skills. The club has performed several dramas in the passing years. The first performance was played during the Oriental College Fiesta which is a very important even of the college, the play involves an Angami Folktale performed by eight students.

Another play was performed during the college annual day, the play was a comedy originally written by the students and performed by eleven students along with a narrator.

The drama club have also organized miscellaneous activities to raise fund for the club, these activities are done during the college annual day, thus the aspiration of the club comes with molding the students through expressionism; harness their ability and talents.